11 April 2014

Running in circles.....

In March we had our first ever Quiltersgilde bloggers meeting. It was great to get to know each other better and we went home with a lot of new inspiration and ideas....
The brown bag was one of the challenges we had organized for all of us, but what a challenge that is!
Nienke made a felt circle for all of us and we worked a little bit with beads and embroidery.

this was my starting point 

 And if you don't pay attention and are thinking of something completely different there they are....

On this weblog I found the colorful ones . The others in shops and along the street......

this is how far I am, still needs some work  ;)
Happy Quilting!

04 April 2014

Mysterie Quiltnieuws

Every now and then I have had time to work on the 4 blocks for the Mysteryquilt from this year.
We started a Facebook group for it! The pictures of the other members inspire me and I finished the fourth block while I was at my bee. I embroidered the spider cob with silverthreat. Not very easy to do, but it looks like a real one when the light hits it! 

And look who is on her way to her quilt bee!!!

Here they are: 

I am ready for the June issue of Quiltnieuws!!!

Happy Quilting,

04 March 2014

Tips & Tricks

Take the wrapping of your printer paper 

draw the pieces you want to appliqué on the inside

iron onto your fabric

Et voila!!! No need to buy any freezer paper........ (if you use enough printer paper that is......)


03 March 2014

DJ progress

I made some progress last week and have 3 more DJ blocks to show you!

I have made 20 blocks so far!! Still enjoying the hand-piecing of these tiny pieces of fabric in bright colors…

Happy Quilting,

26 February 2014

Spring is here!!

Since I officially declared spring is here and we won't get any winter anymore, the garden was in need of a spring cleaning…..
We went from fall directly into spring this year. No snow and no outdoor ice skating this year.

All the plants are waking up and this is 2 months earlier compared to last year!!

primula in bloom

look what I discovered, a rose!!

botanical tulips and crocus

narcissus from last year
I enjoyed being outside, hope some of you will have the opportunity to do the same.

And tonight I will sew another DJ block. Couldn't wish for a better day…….


18 February 2014

Crafts are hip!!!

Seen in Maastricht: bicycle with knitted decoration

Handwerkbeurs Zwolle: lots of people looking for creative ideas

And if you still think quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery are old-fashioned hobbies:
 simply open your eyes to all the creativity that's all around you!!!   


PS  That's what I mean!!! HIP!! http://www.wolplein.nl/blog/olympische-muts-breien/

16 February 2014

Good teachers

Not everybody realises how important good teachers are. I almost gave away my rotary cutter because I had problems with it being a lefty. Don't laugh!!!
So I told Françoise and voila!! She opened my eyes and told me to just change the side of the blade…
How stupid I have been, thinking the thing would not work for me getting in the way with my rulers all the time…
a quiet moment in Zwolle

Thank you Françoise for being a wonderful teacher!! Hope you have fun at the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle and sell lots of your books.

for the right handed

for the left handed
Wishing this is also an eyeopener some of you ……..

Happy quilting,